New Shooter Programs

We are proud members of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) and they have programs for all ages and levels of shooting sports enthusiasts.  We are participating the the Rimfire Challenge and the First Shots and First Shots Second Round programs.

Who can participate?  Participation in the First Shots is open to anyone interested in learning how to shoot.  Kids under 18 must be able to handle and shoot in a safe manner and be accompanied by an adult.

Drop-off Program?  Unfortunately no.  Due to the nature of what we are doing as well as not being permitted/licensed to have kids under the age of 18 unaccompanied by a parent/guardian, we cannot allow a drop-off scenario.

When / Schedule?  Check our Calendar regularly for new dates.

Registration - Walk-in registrations will be handled in the morning of each slated program. 

--  First Shots - the First Shots program is free as part of the National Shooting Sports Foundation grant program.
--  First Shots Second Round - each participant that attended a First Shots event will be invited back for another round to continue
     where they left off!  There is a $10 range fee plus any items rented/purchased such as ammunition, gun rental, etc.

Do we have to attend both the First Shots and First Shots Second Round events?
No.  The First Shots event is a one-day event that is mostly classroom time with the focus of the information being geared for those that are brand new to shooting.  In essence, new shooters - those that have never held/shot a gun before.  Each participant will fire 10 rounds at a target using both a pistol (5 rounds) and a rifle (5 rounds) as an introduction to shooting. 

The First Shots Second Round event is a one-day event that builds on the First Shots event and introduces the new shooters to competitive shooting in the Rimfire Challenge arena where targets are steel plates.  Participants are those that attended the First Shots program where an invitation is extended.

What kind of guns and calibers are used?  For the Kids Program we use 22LR pistols and rifles combined of kids model single-shot and semi-auto rifles.  The First Shots Program we shoot 22LR using Ruger Mark III pistols, Ruger 10/22 and S&W 15-22 rifles.

Can I use my own gun?  For the Kids Program, we prefer to use our guns (included in the fees) so that our instructors can focus on a limited number of platforms.  For the First Shots program, we prefer to use our guns (included in the fees), but when we proceed to the First Shots Second Round portion of the program, feel free to bring and use your own 22LR gun if you wish.

Where do we get ammunition?  We will provide ammunition for the First Shot program.  The First Shot Second Round we will have ammunition available for purchase.
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