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We run a local match that is open to anyone!  Beginner, experienced, young, did we say experienced?, male, and female!  This is a "Local Match" in that it is not sanctioned by any organization.  With that said, our match, our rules.

Who can participate?  Participation is open to all safe and responsible individuals who can legally own, possess or handle a firearm in the jurisdiction of the competition or event.  Kids under 18 must be able to handle and shoot in a safe manner and be accompanied by an adult.

When / Schedule?  We hold our Long Gun Shoot event each month on a Saturday.  Registration begins at 9:00am with a safety briefing held 15 minutes prior to a 10:00am live fire competition.  Check our Calendar regularly for event dates.

Cost?  Each person will be charged $20 for the event.  Members of SHARPE Shooters and the NRA will be charged $15.

The Rules

-- Two divisions (age) 15yrs and under, 16yrs and older
-- Four targets at 25, 50, 75, 100 yds with a steel gong at 125 yds for 15yrs and under
-- Four targets at 100, 125, 150, 175 yds with a steel gong at 200yds for 16 and older
-- First target 3 shots, next 4 shots, next 5 shots, next 6 shots (closest to farthest - 18 shots total)
-- Targets will be provided by SHARPE Shooters where scoring will be done by counting the shot in the 10, 9, 8, and etc rings. 
   A perfect bullseye hitting the center "X" will be given a bonus 10 points.
-- Remaining 2 rds can be used for bonus points on the steel gong - shooters choice to shoot for bonus points or not.  A hit of the
   steel gong is worth 20 bonus points.  However, steel gong misses will deduct 15 points from the total score of paper target hits.
-- Entire shoot for each person is one box of 20 rds
-- Guns used must be center fire caliber and either iron sights or optics - your choice
-- Everyone must shoot from the bench sitting down, no sandbag or lead sled. Only support allowed will be your elbow on the bench.
-- Entry fee is $20 per shooter ($15 for range and NRA members)
-- The winner of each division will get a prize
-- EVERY SHOOTER PARTICIPANT will have their name in a drawing to win a gun!

Can I use my own gun?  Absolutely!  Please bring your own long gun shooting center fire cartridges.  Anyone that does not have a gun and would like to participate, we have a bolt-action .243 for rent ($10 rental fee plus ammunition costs in addition to registration fees).

Can Optics be used?  Yes.  Optics are your choice, but not required to participate. 

Are there different divisions or competing groups?  We will have two age groups; 15 & under, 16 and up.

Are there going to be any prizes awarded?  Absolutely!  We will have a prize given to the winner of each competing group.  Prizes will be announced at the start of each match as part of the safety briefing.

ALL PARTICIPANTS WILL HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN A PRIZE!  Every participant will have their name put into a drawing for a prize.  The prize drawing is held once every quarter for those who participated in one of the shoots in the same quarter.  You do not have to be present to win if your name is drawn.

When will scores be posted?  Scores will be posted at the event as well as on this website within one week following the event.
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