Rimfire Challenge

We've been approved by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) to participate in the Rimfire Challenge program.

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What is the NSSF Rimfire Challenge?  The NSSF Rimfire Challenge is a .22 rifle and pistol program created to introduce new people to the shooting sports and provide a pathway to shooting competition. The NSSF Rimfire Challenge can provide individuals or families with a fun and exciting first-time shooting experience. Shooting ranges can utilize the concept as a Second Round component to NSSF's First Shots program.

Rimfire Challenge Shooting Competitions are designed to provide fun and safe entertainment for the entire family.  To understand the rules and regulations associated with the competitions, please download the official rule book.

Who can participate?  Participation is open to all safe and responsible individuals who can legally own, possess or handle a firearm in the jurisdiction of the competition or event.  Kids under 18 must be able to handle and shoot in a safe manner and be accompanied by an adult.

When / Schedule?  All of our Rimfire Challenge events will be held on Saturdays.  Registration begins at 9:00am with a safety briefing held 15 minutes prior to a 10:00am live fire competition.  Be sure to check our Calendar for the next event.

Cost?  Each person will be charged $20 for the event.  Members of SHARPE Shooters will be charged $15.

Can I use my own gun?  Absolutely!  Please bring your own handgun and long gun (both in 22 LR) to shoot.  Anyone that does not have a gun and would like to participate, we have Ruger Mark III pistols and Ruger 10/22 long guns for rent ($10 rental fee in addition to registration fees).

Were can I find 22LR ammunition as it is hard to find?  As we are a participant of the Rimfire Challenge program with the NSSF, we have access to 22LR ammunition for our events through the NSSF.  We have 22LR that will be available for sale to Rimfire Challenge participants for the purpose of shooting in the event.  This ammunition cannot be sold for use outside of the Rimfire Challenge event.  Prices will vary as we cannot always get the same brand or size boxes.

Can Optics be used?  Yes.  We will be running the competition in two classes each.  The classes are Iron Sights and Optics where an optic is a device that has magnification.  A red-dot sight with no magnification is considered an optic. 

Are there different divisions or competing groups?  We will have three age groups; 12 & under, Kids 17 & under, and Adults.

Are there going to be any prizes awarded?  Absolutely!  We will have a prize given to the winner of each competing group.  Prizes will be announced at the start of each match as part of the safety briefing.

How is scoring done?  Scoring is the amount of time it takes to shoot a complete string.  Scoring sheets will be provided as part of the event.  Here is an excerpt from the rule book regarding scoring:

3.2 Scoring
3.2.1 In Rimfire Challenge the time is the score.
3.2.2 Each stage consists of five (5) to seven (7) targets, hereafter referred
to as plates, that are shot five (5) times, each of the five times is referred to
as a String of Fire or String. One (1) plate will be designated the Stop Plate.
Each of the standard targets must be hit at least once before hitting the stop
plate, and the time stops when the stop plate is hit.
3.2.3 Participants may fire as many rounds as they deem necessary or
until the firearm is empty for each string of fire.
3.2.4 The worst string on each stage will be thrown out, and the total of the
four (4) remaining times will be participantís score for that stage.

When will scores be posted?  Scores will be posted at the event as well as on this website within one week following the event.
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