AR Build Class

This course is for those that would like to learn how to assemble an AR platform rifle.  As part of this class, instructors will teach and assist you in assembling a complete gun from a kit, and then supervise you in the function-fire steps to ensure that at the end of the course you leave with a working gun.

No experience necessary and parent/child along with husband/wife teams welcome for the sharing of knowledge as well as the enjoyment of working on a project together to build a gun that can be enjoyed for a long time to come.

For those purchasing a kit as part of the class, the kit includes 1 box (20 rounds) of ammunition, target, and ear/eye protection for the function-fire portion of the class.

We have lowers from Spike's Tactical that are an additional $25 trade-up from the kit lower.

Other items we will have on-hand for purchase are rear flip-up sight, extra magazines, cleaning kits/supplies, and tools.

For those that already have a kit, but would like to attend the class to make sure they assemble the gun correctly as well as to be able to ask questions, we welcome you as well where your only cost will be the instructor fee.  You will need to bring your own - or we will have for purchase - ammunition for function-fire testing.  We will supply a target and ear/eye protection.

This course is approximately 3 hours and limited to 6 build spots (a parent/child or husband/wife team = 1 build spot)

Fee with kit:  $700
Fee bringing your own kit: $100


For those purchasing an AR kit from us, registration will close two weeks prior to the class date (or until the class fills up) to allow for us to order and receive the necessary number of kits.

For those bringing their own AR kit, registration fees will vary depending upon what portions/parts we will need to supply to you.

For those who are not Georgia residents, you will have a transfer fee for the lower receiver.  This fee is what your FFL of choice in your home sate charges.

To register, call (706-755-0424) or stop by the range to reserve your spot in the class with a 50% non-refundable deposit.  Classes are made on a By-Appointment basis and are usually a 1-on1 environment.

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